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Scenic photo of a Greek city on the waterfront
Bustling Greek street with people walking, talking, and eating food
Picture of restaurant table with italian food and wine on the table. The scenic view of the ocean can be seen in the background

Savor the Flavors of the Mediterranean

Enjoy the Recipes of the Mediterranean Diet with our authentic Products.

Mediterranean Fine Foods is a manufacturer and distributor of premier Mediterranean products.


Great food and great memories go hand in hand. Make every meal great with authentic Mediterranean products bringing the sun and countryside directly to your table. 

Block of feta cheese on a wooden cutting board with olive oil drizzled on top and herbs
Glass pitcher with olive oil with olives and olive branches next to it
Linguica Stuffed Mushrooms
Greek Salad with fresh veggies, spices, herbs, olives, and feta cheese
Greek Pasta Salad with farfalle pasta, colorful vegetables, and feta cheese

Check out our most recent blog post!

This Greek Pasta Salad with Hoto's Feta Cheese is a great summer meal and is perfect for the upcoming 4th of July! It is the perfect side dish to our Amaral's Linguica and Chourico as it is light and refreshing. 

You can find Hoto's Feta Cheese at Market Basket, Seabra's Market, and Wilson Farms in Lexington!

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