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Checking temperature and quality of Amaral's smoked sausages coming out of the smoker.
Quality checking Antonio's roasted pumpkin seeds
Packaging Amaral's Linguica
Machine Castle Seed and Nut Roaster
Mediterranean Fine Food's facilities are SQF Certified


  • SQF certified for food safety

  • Food safety and quality systems in place to ensure high quality product and packaging

Private Labeling

  • All products are available for private labeling

  • Fully customizable label

  • Flexible retail packaging and food service sizes available

Food Service

  • Stocked on-hand inventory for food service order fulfillment

  • Our products available in up to 5 Gallon HDPE pails


  • Standardized weights or catch weights of 1 lb. & 5 lb. packages

  • Product size variations:

    • 16 oz and 32 oz jars

    • 5 Gallon HDPE pails

    • 3 oz – 2 lb. clear plastic bags

  • Cryo-vacuumed packages

  • Roll stock including semi-rigid film applications

Other Capabilities

  • Palletized and ready for your warehouse

  • Metal detection

  • Smoked, fully cooked, or steamed products to your specifications

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

  • Seed and Nut Roaster

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